Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rotary Interview!

So this is pretty late, but my club interview was on Tuesday!

There were two of us being interviewed, and they told us they were only going to sponsor one. However, if both of us seemed like good applicants, they would send both applications to the District level and another club might pick up the other one.

I was pretty nervous going in and rambled a lot about everything! We laughed a couple of times though, which helped make it a lot more relaxing. Throughout the whole interview, I realized I called one member of Rotary by the wrong name, and e-mailed one of my interviewers right after. He told me they understood who I meant, and that they were going to send both applications to the district!!

So now I have district interviews from November 19th - November 21st! I'm so excited yet extremely nervous. If anyone has any advice about how district interviews go, let me know!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


My Rotary interview is in exactly one week! Finally! I'm so eager to start the process. It's basically all I can think about.

I'm so annoyed with regular life. High school is boring. Immaturity is annoying. It's really bad and I suppose I should be more appreciative of things here but it's hard to be when I feel like there's a lot of adventure out there and I'm stuck in Fresno.

I'll write more following my interview. Wish me luck!