Monday, August 2, 2010

Work & Such

Today was my second day of work! Yesterday was my first, and it was a WAY better day than today. Today was really just not fun at all. It was super slow and I kept doing every little thing wrong. But by the end of the week I'll have made $92 so that's a positive thing! Oh and here's a picture of me in my adorable uniform :D!

I got an email from my local AFS representative telling me about a Central California scholarship! However, they review scholarships in January, but I'd leave in January.. so I basically have to be funded and then I assume I'd be refunded? So it doesn't solve the lack of money now situation. He said he emailed the Portland AFS office to see why I was rejected from Global Leaders.. so maybe there's still hope.

On a way positive note.. our house is basically sold! So now we have 45 days to secure a place to live (although it probably won't take that long) and then I can turn in my full application with the $900 deposit! But first I have to actually go to the doctor/school and get all the forms filled out that are necessary. Oh and I'll probably have to have some type of a photo shoot for my cover page/picture page.. ha.

Anyway, it's exciting that things are actually moving forward (even if slowly) and I'm making money so yay! Things can only go up from here!