Monday, August 2, 2010

Work & Such

Today was my second day of work! Yesterday was my first, and it was a WAY better day than today. Today was really just not fun at all. It was super slow and I kept doing every little thing wrong. But by the end of the week I'll have made $92 so that's a positive thing! Oh and here's a picture of me in my adorable uniform :D!

I got an email from my local AFS representative telling me about a Central California scholarship! However, they review scholarships in January, but I'd leave in January.. so I basically have to be funded and then I assume I'd be refunded? So it doesn't solve the lack of money now situation. He said he emailed the Portland AFS office to see why I was rejected from Global Leaders.. so maybe there's still hope.

On a way positive note.. our house is basically sold! So now we have 45 days to secure a place to live (although it probably won't take that long) and then I can turn in my full application with the $900 deposit! But first I have to actually go to the doctor/school and get all the forms filled out that are necessary. Oh and I'll probably have to have some type of a photo shoot for my cover page/picture page.. ha.

Anyway, it's exciting that things are actually moving forward (even if slowly) and I'm making money so yay! Things can only go up from here!


  1. hahah nicoleee i just found your blog. Ok so it's realy cute that you like got a job and youre working so friggin hard on this! and dont worry about the process moving slow.. it really does but its ok! because youre planning so far ahead! i turned my app in after the deadline lol. im surprised they took me. And youre really lucky to have a shot at any scholarship, i applied as well and they rejected me. so when will you know for sure italy?

  2. hahaha rachael you're so nerdy. and i haven't even turned in a full app yet hogdlkagdh 900 dollars is haaard to get. BUT i got a paycheck today so i've made like $132? which is a starrttt!