Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Settling in and normal life...

I've now been with my new host family for a couple weeks and I have to say it's going really well! They are so much different from my last family, and it's not in a good way or a bad way. They just live totally different lifestyles. I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to see how each live... it's really opened my eyes to the entire culture of Hungary and Hungarians. There were things that I thought were typical of all Hungarians, but it turns out it was only my first family that did that or my friend's families. So, as hard and heartbreaking as it was to leave my first, I'm grateful for the way I've learned more. I even went back to visit the old family, and it felt just like coming home.

Yesterday I received my flight information for my return to Fresno! I will leave Budapest on June 27th at 6:20 a.m. (this is the only part I don't like about it), then have a 2 hour layover in Amsterdam, then a 2 hour layover in Seattle, and then I'll be in Fresno at 3:30 p.m.! So besides having to leave Szeged at about 2 or 3 in the morning in order to get to Budapest on time, I'm really happy with the schedule. I am so looking forward to spending the afternoon/evening with my friends and families, driving around, eating tons of food that I've missed, and just taking it all in.

Despite this, I know it's going to be extremely hard to get back into life in America. I don't know why, but I've been thinking about it a lot lately. To be honest, I'm terrified. Just moving to another part of the city tore me in half, even with the promise of being able to go back whenever I wanted, and I can't imagine what it will be like when I'm gone for good. I'm so attached to everyone here and my life here. It will be impossible to step on that plane.

Okay, enough depressing stuff... My Hungarian lessons start up again in two weeks or so. I'm so excited to get back to learning! I watch a lot of Gossip Girl with Hungarian subtitles and that has taught me so much. My host family also speaks so much Hungarian to me. I still don't know how to say a lot of things though... like I have no idea how to talk about the past. Besides that, I'm starting to get over my fear of speaking. Not completely, but I'm not as shy as I was. I do this really stupid thing of planning exactly what I want to say before I say it, and then when I get the chance to say it, I just say it in English because I'm afraid it's wrong. Oh well.

Today my host mom took me to a kozmetika place where we got facials. It was sooo relaxing... I fell asleep about 5 times. The whole thing lasted 3 hours. On Thursday I'm getting my first hair cut in Hungary!! I'm also dying my hair. I really can't wait for that, since I haven't done anything with my hair in forever. Hopefully it turns out okay... I've heard way too many haircut on exchange horror stories.

This weekend is another Rotary meeting thing, but it's only a day long. We all have to give group country presentations. I'm going to Budapest on Friday night to stay with my favorite person, Alex, and I'm sooooo excited to see her and spend the night with her! I'll come back to Szeged on Saturday night.

Oh also, I found out I was accepted to the school of education at University of Portland! So, if I decide to go there, I will be learning to be a teacher :D. I'm so happy about it, but still waiting to hear back from NYU, which is my first choice.

Alright that's it for now!

Monday, January 16, 2012

New family

Last night I left my first family and am now in my second family's house. I'm just going to paste what I said in my monthly update, since I don't feel like typing the story out again.

Last night I moved into my new family's house. Yesterday was a very very sad day. While I was finishing packing up, my youngest host sister, Dori came in and helped. We were both crying a little bit but tried to just keep the conversation light. When I had about an hour left at their house, I gave them all small American flags and thank you cards. Everyone was in my room and we all started crying (excluding my host dad, who was working downstairs on a big presentation he has today). When my host dad came up, he said that it's not goodbye, just see you soon. We moved all my things downstairs (I have acquired SO many things in the past 5 months, it's crazy!!) and then sat around and talked. When I noticed the table was only set for four, I really started crying again. My host mom told my sister to quickly put a placemat where I usually sit and said it will always be my spot! My new host parents were an hour late picking me up, so we were able to spend a little bit more time together, which was nice. They ended up staying for an hour talking to my other sister, Anna, about what high school she will go to next year, since my new host mom is a teacher at the school she wants to go to. I sat with Dori in the kitchen because she couldn't go out with everyone else without crying, and to be honest neither could I. We talked and tried to distract ourselves, but anytime there was a pause we lost any progress we had made. Leaving the house was the hardest thing I've ever done, much harder than leaving my American family. I cried in the car on the way to the new families house, cried when I met my host sisters, cried when I was alone to unpack, cried during dinner, and cried all night. My new host mom really understands how hard it must be, and has comforted me every time. It will take some time adjusting to this new house and family and right now it's really hard. The new family is really sweet, though, so it will help a lot.

Nothing else to say :/.