Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I got a job!!

Finally! I'm now an employee at Wienerschnitzel, and my first day is Friday! So I'll be making $8/h (minimum wage) but it's totally worth it. Also, (hopefully) by the beginning of September, I'll be able to have my full application and the $900 turned in! Fingers crossed.

Plus, next weekend, I finally start those refereeing classes for soccer (which will hopefully not conflict with work).

OH! AND! Alissa (my best friend...not) and I are auditioning for Wheel of Fortune's Teen Best Friend week on next Wednesday! It's mainly just for fun and to see what happens, but we're both pretty confident in our abilities to solve puzzles.

Annnndd we're moving REALLY soon, which means we'll have extra money to put towards my trip (yessssssssss!!!) and I'll be that much closer to being there!

So many exciting things (in the midst of the rejection from the scholarship - which we're appealing) and they all somehow come back to Italy. Funny how that works ;).

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