Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Less than a month left!

First, a quick update on the past couple of weeks.

Last weekend (not the one that just happened, but the one before) was our language competition. I don't know how well I did, but congrats to those who got 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! We had the opportunity to walk around Sátoraljaújhely where the competition was held, went on the bob, and had a little party (which wasn't a party at all). On the bob I managed to get into an accident which resulted in being taken to the hospital, getting a neck brace, and making a very regretful Australian girl cry upon seeing me. It wasn't that serious, so it's really funny to look back on. And the neck brace made me look really ridiculous.

This past weekend was some sort of "Szeged Day" festival as well as a wine festival. I walked around with friends and my host family. Sunday night was one of my friend's birthday parties which was a lot of fun. Monday we also had a holiday (I'm not sure why) and I spent most of that trying to reenergize from Sunday night! I also skyped with my mom which was nice, since we haven't skyped in awhile.

This week is my last week at school, so I've been making an effort to go to all of my classes (like any good exchange student would do). It's so weird that tomorrow will be the last time I'll walk through the halls as a student there and see all my friends and have classes to go to. In retrospect, I wish I would've spent a lot more time in school, but I can't change anything now so there's no point in worrying about it. I wish I had something special to give to my classmates, though, to thank them for opening up to me. Well, in case any of you read this, thank you SO much for everything, from saying hi to me in the halls or asking if I understand what's going on or even just giving me an encouraging smile when the teacher asks who I am. I've loved being part of your class and I'm really going to miss all of you!

Friday to Saturday will be our district conference at Lake Balaton, then Monday I leave really early for Eurotour! I'm soooo excited to finally go on it, since I've been waiting since September when we first heard where we'd be going! I'm probably going to spend all day Sunday packing and getting everything ready.

Once I come home from Eurotour, I only have 11 full days until I leave. I can't even imagine what that's going to feel like. I've had a couple of breakdowns that are like half crying/half laughing because I'm dreading leaving but yet I'm so excited. I'm going to try to not let myself think about it during Eurotour, though.

When I come back to Szeged I just plan on spending a ton of time with my first host family, my friends, and being out of the house as much as possible. I want to make my last days here great!

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