Saturday, April 30, 2011

Small update

Hey guys!

So, a day after I posted my last blog post, I got an email from my travel agency! I signed up with them on April 4th, yet haven't heard anything at all since then. It's kind of frustrating because I know other students in my district have gotten information and have forms to fill out. I'm trying to not be impatient but it's a little disheartening.

Also, a lot of people in my district know their host city. Again... trying to not be impatient. I understand completely that different countries do things faster and that I shouldn't have any expectations, but I totally would be the one with no information at all.

Our next Rotary weekend (the weekend of the District Conference) is on May 13th - May 15th. I'm so excited to get my blazer and see everyone again! Plus it's on the coast and I'm hoping we'll go to the beach. I love the beach.

I signed up for summer school as well. I will be taking three classes: a year of art, a semester of American Government, and a semester of English 4 B (fourth year, second semester). Summer school is from June 14-29 for the first session, and July 5-21 for the second, both are Monday-Thursday. I'll go to art in the morning from 8-1:55, and then my other class (depending on the session) from 4:30-8:15. Definitely not excited about that, but at least I'll be graduated.

So, upcoming events!
AP US exam - 6 days
Prom - 7 days
AP English exam - 11 days
District Conference - 13 days
Last day of school - 32 days
Grad Night - 33 days
Graduation - 37 days
My birthday - 63 days
Outbound orientation - 70 days

It's so crazy that these are some of the last things I'll be looking forward to while I'm here. Lately I've been so sad about leaving. I'm really going to miss all of my forensics friends and cheering and my mom. When I first looked into exchange, I couldn't wait to leave and get the heck out of here. After this year, I'm so content with where I am. I'm proud of myself and all that I've gotten through in the past year, and I know I'm going to do just fine in Hungary. I can't wait to go and experience what I've been waiting for.

That's all for now. As per usual, I'll post again if there are any updates. I have a million other things to talk about, but I think this post is long enough.

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