Thursday, June 9, 2011

I got my information!!!

Last night I received an email with a scanned copy of my guarantee forms!

I will be living in Újszentiván outside of Szeged! I am actually closer to the Serbian border than to Szeged, which I think is really cool. Plus, when I switch families, there is the possibility that I'll be actually IN Szeged. I'm so happy about my placement and that I may have the opportunity to experience a small city (under 2,000 people) and a large city (Hungary's third largest).

I don't know anything about my host family yet, besides the names of my parents. I looked them up on facebook, and found who I assume will be my host father. I also think I found my sister and two brothers, but I'm not for sure. I'll edit this post and write more about them when I find out!

My school is SZTE Ságvári Endre Gyakorló Gimnázium in Szeged. I can't find any pictures of it, but it sounds pretty cool! I read that it's one of the top 15 schools in the country, which is really exciting because I love learning. Even though it will be hard to actually learn anything for the first few months, I'm still glad it's a good school. School starts on September 1st, so I hope I'll get there as early as possible.

Anyway, I'll update with more information when I get it!

My birthday - 23 days
Outbound orientation - 30 days
Potential departure - 73-83 days!


I've been emailing with my host sister, who I already love! She will be on exchange in Canada and leaves before I get there, so we probably won't meet. I'm really sad about that, but I think I'll get the chance to in the future. Anyway, my host dad is a lawyer and my host mom works for the government. I will have two brothers, 19 (turning 20) and 15. I will stay in my host sister's room while she's in Canada. I will also have a dog! They seem like such a great family, and I can't wait to meet them!

I also sent off my visa information and the travel company has received it, so I should be getting flight information in the next month or so.

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