Monday, September 12, 2011

Debrecen - First orientation!

On Friday I left Szeged with Sami, Jill, Raymond, and Nori to head to Debrecen for our first inbound orientation. We took a few trains there and finally reached the city in the evening after traveling all day. Some Rotex students greeted us and after we waited for a few more students, we walked to the school where we'd be having dinner. We got there much later than any of the others, so we spent hardly anytime at the school. We all got a Rotary Hungary t-shirt and pin though, so that was pretty cool!

After we left the school, we went to the place where we'd be staying. I'm not incredibly sure what to call it, but I think it was a hostel. Regardless, it was a pretty interesting place. I shared a room with Madison from Ohio and one of the Brazilian girls, which was pretty nice considering some rooms had 8 people in them. Debrecen was freezing compared to Szeged, and Madison and I shared a bed because of it.

On Saturday, we ate breakfast in a restaurant near the hostel at around 8 am... way too early for a Saturday. We took a bus back to the school we were at the day before and listed to a lot of presentations on the rules of the program. A lot of it was things I heard before I came, but I think it was necessary to go over them again. We also learned about all of the trips we will be able to go on through out the year! In October we go to Venice, in December we go to Vienna, in April we go to Poland, and we have a Eurotour in both May and June - 26 days apart!

We had breaks in between the presentations and used our time wisely by trading pins. After that, we ate lunch. Our desert was a palacsinta (which they call pancakes, but they're really crepes) and I couldn't cut mine... so Kyle cut it for me hahaha. After lunch, we took tons of pictures outside of the school and then got on a bus to go to the city center. We went into this huge mall and had time to walk around, so Madison and I went into different stores. We found Jillian and also found an apple store! We went to Burger King after and sat with a bunch of other girls and talked about everything from homesickness to what our host families are like.

After the mall, we got on the bus and went to a building in Debrecen, and I'm still not sure what it was exactly. We walked inside though and took more group pictures. We got back on the bus and went back to the hostel. For dinner, we had a very strange soup and then birthday cake because it was someone's birthday. They threw a "disco" for all of us in a type of garage by the hostel. None of my friends wanted to go, so we all went to mine and Madison's room and hung out.

We stayed up pretty late on Saturday night putting make up on Kyle, playing cards, reading funny things from my Hungarian phrasebook, and talking about anything and everything. It was definitely one of the best nights I've had here in Hungary!

On Sunday, we woke up early again and had breakfast. We had to be at the train station by 9 so everyone could leave and go back to their cities. About half of us were all on the same train out of Debrecen. It was super crazy... Kyle fell asleep and it was hilarious and everyone was walking around and talking really loudly. Those of us from Szeged got off before most everyone else and we said our goodbyes. The train back to Szeged was pretty lonely and sad. I hate leaving orientations like this. It was always sad back home, but here it was just so much worse for some reason. When I got home I was incredibly homesick and just sad. I wanted nothing more than to go back to Debrecen to be with everyone again!

So, I definitely had a good weekend. I can't wait to see all the inbounds again!

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