Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jó reggelt!

So, it's really early on Wednesday morning, and I just woke up for no reason.

Things are pretty normal around here.. I haven't done much since Sunday. On Sunday, we walked around Budapest and through a little crafts fair set up on the outside of one of the castles (I think). We got some kind of bread and gelato and they were both sooo good. The drive home was really nice. We stopped for lunch in Kecskemet, which is halfway between Budapest and Szeged. We all had bean goulash and it was also really good.

Hmm.. what else... more swimming yesterday. I'm going to get so tan, I'm so excited. Also, my sisters sat in my room with me and Dori and I practiced Hungarian/English while Anna looked through my yearbook. We talked a little bit and used a dictionary to help us. Then Anita came up and I gave them their gifts and we looked through some of my pictures that I brought with me. It was really nice to share things about home with them and I really feel like we're a family :).

In the evening, we had dinner together. Dani and I talked a bit about politics and other things about America and Fresno. I love having these talks.. he's a very good listener! Both of my parents are getting better and better with their English, and I correct their mistakes. They also help me with my pronunciation of Hungarian words. Also, we all sat down to watch Leap Year together, in English with Hungarian subtitles. I fell asleep about 10 minutes in, and Anita woke me and asked if I wanted to go to bed, and I did. So I slept from 10 to 6, and I'm about to sleep more.

Overall, things are really good here. I'm very happy... boldog vagyok :). This weekend we're going to the Balaton from Friday to Monday and staying in a hotel. I can't wait! I start school on Wednesday, but it will be nice to be busy. I'll probably miss these days though, so I'm going to enjoy them!


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  1. Hey Sis - Sounds so fun! And...I love Leap Year! Hope all is well. Keep the updates coming when you can. Much love!