Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quality time and shopping

Last night, the student my district is hosting from Hungary arrived in California! His name is Peter and we've been talking since about March or April. He's living in Visalia, which is about an hour from where I live. Anyway, I went with his host family (my friend Karlie's family) to the airport and then to dinner and spent the night with him. We made homemade chocolate chip cookies together and Karlie and I made him a sign. Overall it was a good first night for him, I'd say! This weekend Karlie, Peter, Karlie's mom, and I are going to Disneyland!! I'm so excited and it's Peter's first time, so it should be super fun.

I bought my suitcases last Friday and have gone shopping for small things on and off throughout this week. I just got most of my toiletry items and we bought A LOT. It's hard though because it's all stuff I need! I've been throwing everything into my big suitcase, and I'm probably going to sort through it and start seriously packing next weekend.

I think that's all that's been going on here. I'll probably update after my going away party, which is next Thursday! Peter and Karlie are coming, and I'm so excited to have an actual Hungarian there (...I'm such a nerd).

16 days until I'm on a plane, 17 days until I'm in Hungary!

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